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About the COURSE

​This mini-course is designed to activate your innate higher healing abilities.  It includes powerful principles, insights and special guided meditations to put you into direct access with the Master Healer within you.

Dr. Darren Starwynn, a thought leader in advanced energy healing and technology loves to teach by creating tangible experiences for his students. For a limited time he is offering this valuable mini-course at no cost in order to introduce his teaching to new audiences. 

​We can call that vital link the Master Healer.  The Master Healer is an innate quality of those who are dedicated to bringing true, in-depth healing for themselves and others.  For most healthcare professionals, and even energy healers , it is a part that is often not yet fully acknowledged or awakened.


  • Understanding what your Master Healer essence is, and how to tap into it

  • A 5 second ritual you can do as you start each client session that will protect you and supercharge your clinical results - the value of this part of the course alone is priceless

  • Knowing where your healing abilities come from and how it can be increased

  • Insights into the often misunderstood spiritual reasons for the tumultuous changes in today’s world

  • Explanation of a top growth industry for doctors and holistic practitioners now

  • Guided practices for clearing your consciousness and connecting with your Master Healer essence

  • Introduction to Quantum Healing and how can you learn to embody and practice it

  • Understanding what it really takes to get motivated to go within and meditate

​Are you ready to

develop your Master

Healer abilities?


Our modern medical system offers marvelous, life-saving treatments based on advanced research and technologies, yet often creates distressing side-effects.  Holistic healing arts such as acupuncture, chiropractic, bodywork or naturopathy often produce effective solutions that are more in harmony with the body and mind.  Yet the pressing needs of modern people for release of deep pain and trauma, and for inner peace is only partially addressed by either Western or holistic medical systems.  We have lost a vital link to true healing and renewal that is urgently needed now.

We can call that vital link the Master Healer.  The Master Healer is an innate quality of those dedicated to bringing true, in-depth healing for others and themselves.  For most healthcare professionals and even energy healers it is a part that is often not yet fully acknowledged or awakened.  Master Healer is not one of the identities of the ego self. In fact this part works best when our small self is out of the way, allowing the miraculous to be expressed through us.  It is the source of true magic.

​​It has been my observation that large numbers of doctors and health care practitioners have well-developed Master Healer abilities within them, yet are only expressing it to a limited extent in their day to day work.  At some point they decided to focus on developing their more left-brained, analytical skills so they can better fit into the Western medical model. They turned away from their innate Master Healer abilities in favor of being included in the dream of our society, which largely denies the transcendent and the miraculous.

Desire for inclusion in our medical system is not the only reason practitioners push their Master Healer to the background.  Another is a type of post-traumatic stress common in healers. Many people now working in the healing arts carry deep imprints of trauma or persecution related to sharing their healing or spiritual gifts in the past.  In most cases there is no conscious memory of those events. All that remains is a deep, un-named feeling of un-safety in regards to openly and publicly expressing their Master Healer gifts.

This mini-course offers secrets and methods you need to know to start healing on the Master level.  It includes principles, powerful insights and special guided meditations for activating your innate healing abilities to a higher, Quantum level.


​Customer Testimonials

​​Caryn Caroll

​I’m really excited about using Quantum Healing because I can access my intellect and my intuition and they are in a perfect marriage where I can now trust that the answers are coming through are correct.  Self-doubt has melted away. That’s the mastery I have been looking for.

​​​Shannon Morse
​Owner Nutrition and Lifestyle

​​​It was a lovely blend of applicable tools, practical application exercises and creativity with an infusion of fun.

​Larry Fujimoto

​​The level of skills and knowledge that were taught are at a Master level.  I would encourage any acupuncturist, massage therapist or physician to look into this man’s great knowledge and skills.



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