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About the COURSE

If you are sick and tired of being sick, tired or stressed and are ready to look within yourself for your ultimate answers the Self-Clear​ Trauma course is for you.

This self-paced video course from Dr. Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. offers powerful cutting edge methods for clearing the energy patterns of trauma and post-traumatic stress from your body and nervous system.  The 11 clear, inspiring video lessons and guided meditations included in this course can help transform your state of mind from stressed to serene. What is taught in this course is derived from a combination of trauma psychology, brain physiology, energy medicine and the science of consciousness.

For many people these methods can work more rapidly and effectively than conventional psychological treatments.  For those who are receiving professional psycho-therapies, this course can be a powerful, self-empowering support to accelerate your recovery.


Lesson 1:  Introduction - Overview of course and how to use it

Lesson 2:  Self-Energy Testing - how to get clear “yes” or “no” answers to any question from your own body

Lesson 3:  Trauma Science Overview - how the brain and body get hijacked by trauma and what it takes to heal

Lesson 4:  Attitudes of Healing - 5 vital ways to adjust your attitudes and beliefs to help transform from stressed to serene

Lesson 5:  Body Energy Flow Exercises - Darren guides you through a brief daily routine that will get stuck energy flowing and immediately make you feel good in your body.  These exercises are excellent to do before meditation to calm the body and more easily go deeper

Lesson 6:  Healing Through Breathwork - Your breath is your #1 healing modality when you know how to use it.  Learn the Complete Breath, 7-7-7 Breathing and the very powerful Breath of Ascension practice

​Lesson 7:  Zero Point Meditation - This very quick and simple practice literally puts you into the center point of your consciousness where there is no drama and only One-Ness.  An ideal practice for people experiencing any form of PTSD or chronic stress

Lesson 8:  Words of Power - You are a creator being and your spoken words are continually creating your reality.  Learn to consciously harness the great power of your words to create the elevated and empowered life you really want

Lesson 9:  Emergency Trauma Release Practices - This video guides you through proven practices that rapidly stabilize you during times of acute stress, panic attacks or overwhelm

Lesson 10:  Going Deeper - A deeply transformative, consciousness-based approach to forgiveness, gratitude and radical acceptance that has produced some of the most profound healing experiences

Lesson 11:   Conclusions - a review of the course plus resources for further study and support


About The Instructor

Through his long career Dr. Starwynn has directly or indirectly helped thousands of people to live healthier and more pain-free lives.  His path of healing started with a teenage pilgrimage to India where he studied meditation and consciousness with a master teacher. He has since worked in the fields of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, vibrational energy medicine and spiritual healing for over 35 years and has invented several innovative energy medical devices used world-wide.  Darren has also written several books and led hundreds of seminars, workshops and retreats for health care professionals and the public. 

The thread that has run through all his work and research has been a keen interest in learning what it really takes to clear the deepest, often hidden roots of pain and trauma.  You will receive the benefit of Darren’s long studies and clinical experience through this Self-Clear Trauma course.

​Starwynn states that our current epidemic of low-grade PTSD is a symptom of the “dream” of our society, which teaches us at a young age to put our power outside of ourselves and falsely identify ourselves as our minds. This, combined with the high incidence of abuse and trauma in our society creates various forms of chronic suffering because our true Self is the only real source of love, aliveness and connectedness.


​the​ MODERN EPIDEMIC oF stress

Somewhere between 8 - 12 million Americans are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, also called PTSD.  This condition keeps them in a painful cycle of frequently re-living traumatic events from their past, and often leads to depression, panic attacks, substance abuse and increased risk of suicide.  Treatments for PTSD such as psychotherapy, medications, EMDR and various forms of energy work often help but are inconsistently effective.

According to Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. most of us in modern society experience a milder form of post-traumatic stress that he calls “low-grade PTSD”.  In other words living with various levels of chronic stress has become our new normal. Symptoms of low-grade PTSD could include a general sense of anxiety about life, sleep disturbances, frequent fatigue, some low-grade depression, tendency toward chronic pain, lowered immunity and sometimes lack of clarity of purpose.

Starwynn states that our epidemic of low-grade PTSD is a symptom of the “dream” of our society, which teaches us at a young age to put our power outside of ourselves.  We do this by identifying with the objects of our minds instead of our true, divine Self. This leads us into various forms of chronic suffering because our true Self is the only real source of love, aliveness and connectedness.

​Customer Testimonials

​​Caryn Caroll

​I’m really excited about using Quantum Healing because I can access my intellect and my intuition and they are in a perfect marriage where I can now trust that the answers are coming through are correct.  Self-doubt has melted away. That’s the mastery I have been looking for.

​​​Shannon Morse
​Owner Nutrition and Lifestyle

​​​It was a lovely blend of applicable tools, practical application exercises and creativity with an infusion of fun.

​Larry Fujimoto

​​The level of skills and knowledge that were taught are at a Master level.  I would encourage any acupuncturist, massage therapist or physician to look into this man’s great knowledge and skills.



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